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A Variety of Facinating Tours Let You Choose Your Adventure to Experience the Exciting Historical, Agricultural, and Natural Bounty of the Area

Free-wheel It To Enjoy the Fun of a Self-Guided Tour – You’re in Control – You Set the Pace

To help visitors discover, explore and appreciate the largely untapped natural, scenic, tourism, cultural, historical and recreational potential of the region, six half-day and full-day self-guiding tours are available in four theme area . The tours focus on settlement, agriculture, First Nations-Metis fur trade, nature and arts. A detailed guidebook is available for tour routes and itineraries.

The tours connect to the Yellowhead Highway. They overlap where possible and proceed in a circle to begin and end at the same place to provide opportunities to plan optional multi-day tours or to start and end individual tours at any point.


Since agriculture is a dominant historic and contemporary economic activity in shaping the identity of the region, two tour itineraries have been developed to showcase both the history and current practices that make this area unique with overlapping end points to allow for both to be combined into one longer tour over two days. Both involve a combination of walking and driving.
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European settlement starting in the late 1800s had a major impact on what the Valleylands is today and two tour itineraries have been developed that profile the colourful past and how settlers came to and adapted to the region. 
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First Nations, Métis and the Fur Trade
The First Nations were the first inhabitants of the area and lived off the abundant wildlife and vegetation found in the area. Fur traders made the first European contacts in the area and, following contact, intermarriage created the Métis people.
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Arts and Nature

The Assiniboine ~ Qu’Appelle Valleylands is rich in natural and manmade beauty and this tour is designed to showcase the region’s “hidden secrets” including the natural landscape and achievements of local artisans. For appreciating the natural beauty, the tour profiles the region’s geological history to help visitors understand how the picturesque hill-and-valley landscape was carved thousands of years ago to create the beautiful countryside they see today.
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